COVID-19 UPDATE: Appointments are now In-Office or Telehealth Virtual. Please choose whichever best fits your needs. We’ll provide a Google Meet link in your appointment confirmation. Please use this link for your virtual appointment. All in-office appointments will take place at 2350 Washtenaw Ave. Suite 24 in Ann Arbor, MI, 48104

You must be a current or past patient of Dr. Sue to purchase supplements from this site. There is a $10 shipping/handling fee. If you prefer to arrange a pickup at the office, please email admin@drmccreadie.com

Not all supplements are created equal. High-quality ingredients, third-party testing, human clinical trials, and qualified product research/development staff are essential in creating safe and effective supplements for your family. That’s why we order supplements directly from top manufacturers that distinguish themselves above the rest. Buying a supplement from an Amazon reseller or off the health food store shelf doesn’t guarantee the manufacturer has gone above and beyond GMP standards and hired independent third-party testers to ensure their products have the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity represented on the label with undetectable levels of pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, preservatives or additives. Do your research before consuming supplements.


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