Illness and disease result from a combination of genetic and environmental stressors. In the past, we thought genes were our destiny and out of our control. The study of epigenetics has uncovered that you can control how your genes express by optimizing your environment. This means your thoughts, feelings, diet and lifestyle choices impact how your genes express. When you optimize your environment for your genetic tendencies, you optimize your health!

Conditions Treated

Autoimmune Disease
Behavior Issues
Celiac Disease
Chronic Abdominal Pain
Chronic Ear Infections
Chronic Sinus Infections

Development Disabilities
Focus & Attention Difficulties
Food Allergies
Food Intolerances
Learning Disabilities
Leaky Gut

Methylation Genetics
Molluscum Contagiosum
Recurrent Croup
Recurrent Nausea / Vomiting
Recurrent Pharyngitis
Recurrent Pneumonia
Sleep Problems
Speech Delay
Thyroid Disease

Abdominal Pain

It was frustrating seeing our daughter struggle with stomach pain and sleep. I appreciate how Dr. Sue guided and supported us with a step-by-step plan. I realized it was working when our daughter was sleeping through the night and not complaining about her stomach hurting every morning! Our life is more peaceful now.

– Jamie Brown

Acid Reflux

Helping our son with acid reflux was stressful. The tests Dr. Sue ran provided clear answers. I realized her health plan was working when our son’s reflux resolved. Consistency of supplementation is our ongoing struggle, but seeing his test results improve with supplementation is so encouraging. I’m thankful we were referred to Dr. Sue and now feel resolution is achievable.

– Kate Klaty


Seeing our son struggle with recurrent fevers, impulsive behavior and mental focus felt overwhelming. Dr. Sue gave us a step-by-step plan that was easy to understand. She reassured us that healing will happen but that it takes time. This helped me feel hopeful and optimistic as we worked on dietary changes and supplementation. Now our son looks and acts so much better! His frequency of illness is much less and his focus is improving too. Feeling healthy is the best motivation to eat only the foods his body can have. Knowing we have the capability to heal with diet and lifestyle changes is very empowering.

– Melissa C.


I felt frustrated, helpless and fearful trying to help my son’s anxiety and acid reflux. He was so anxious that he wouldn’t do anything outside of what he absolutely had to do and was missing a lot of school. Dr. Sue never made me feel like I was doing something wrong and was confident we could help him. We followed her health plan and he started “living” again. He auditioned for the school musical, went out for lacrosse, and got active in Cub Scouts. He’s back to being confident, active and happy. Every morning he jumps on the school bus happy and ready, I’m grateful the tears and fear are a distant memory. What a relief to feel in control and have our happy child back!

– Tina Fedewa


Helping my son with behavior and mood issues from autism spectrum disorder was overwhelming and scary. I appreciate that Dr. Sue’s recommendations were specifically tailored to our son’s needs. After following her health plan, we saw improvements in our son’s behavior and communication. It’s still challenging at times, but we have learned so much about how to address our child’s issues through diet and natural methods. We can’t thank Dr. Sue enough for what she’s done to help our son and family!

– Laurie N.


Trying to help our son’s asthma was frustrating from too many medications and their side effects. We appreciate Dr. Sue’s nutritional approach. After following her health plan, the asthma resolved (except when he accidentally ate an inflammatory food.) Now, we feel a sense of freedom knowing we’re on the right path, healing the body from within, instead of covering up symptoms with medications.

– Sarah S.


I felt so defeated every time I went to a doctor for my son’s asthma. I felt like a failing parent, nothing I was doing was helping our son. After following Dr. Sue’s health plan for almost six months, we were successful at taking him off his breathing treatments. He’s doing so well now and full of life!

– Nichole W.

Behavior Issues


Seeing our son struggle with his behavior was hard. With Dr. Sue’s personalized approach, I felt supported and realized our problem would resolve over time. I realized her health plan was working when he was able to complete tasks, like getting dressed or brushing his teeth, without melting down and feeling so out of sorts. Now he feels comfortable in his body and that makes me so happy!

–Jacquelyn Keller-Piccolo


I felt defeated trying to help our son with asthma, constipation and constant stomach aches. Dr. Sue listened and gave us hope for no more medications. I appreciate that she addresses the whole person, including diet and supplements. When my son said “I’m hungry!”, I realized her health plan was working. He never said that before because he always had a stomach ache. He’s now happy, healthy and asthma-free without medications for years.

– Jennifer Dattilio


Trying to help our daughter with diarrhea, diaper rashes, and constant illness (catching virus after virus) was frustrating. I felt unheard having doctors think I was exaggerating the problem. I’m grateful Dr. Sue solves health problems through diet and supplements instead of a pill. After following her health plan, my daughter’s diarrhea and diaper rash resolved and her growth improved! Now my daughter is healthy (gets sick maybe once a year and it passes quickly). I’m particular about what we eat, but I’m also realistic that we won’t eat perfectly and live by the 80/20 rule (good nutrition vs things no one should really eat).

– Lori Lorenz


Nothing was helping our son’s digestive issues. After following Dr. Sue’s health plan, our son started to feel better. First he went one day without diarrhea and then a week without it. I never thought that was possible! Our son’s digestive issues are a work in progress, but now life is much easier for him and our entire family.

– Jennifer Howes

Ear & Throat Infections

It was overwhelming trying to help our daughter with her recurrent ear and throat infections. Dr. Sue got to the root of the problem with her health plan and it worked! She recovers from colds quicker and no longer gets ear or throat infections. Now our daughter is happy, rarely misses school, and she’s gaining awareness of how different foods can make her feel. It’s a journey as we continue to fine tune things, but overall it feels very empowering.

– Kristy Howard


Trying to resolve our child’s eczema felt overwhelming, like I was missing something and needed to dig deeper. When I went to our pediatrician’s office, I was disappointed they told me to use over-the-counter topical steroids. The allergist said it wasn’t eczema from food, it was dermatitis from clothing. I was totally confused as a mother. It’s so hard, but you have to put your trust in someone. Dr. Sue answered all my lingering questions. After following her health plan for a few months, the eczema started to clear. Now there’s no sign of eczema or any eczema flare ups in the past seven months. I love Dr. Sue’s simple drug-free approach and sleep better at night knowing I have done everything in my power to set our child up for lifelong vitality and health!

– Nikki Polce


We felt trapped, scared and frustrated trying to help our son with eczema. Dr. Sue listened and understood our concern and worry. His eczema wasn’t just a rash, it was his body screaming for help. I realized Dr. Sue’s health plan was working when I changed our son’s diet and started the supplements. Within days his skin started to clear up. It was the first time I felt a glimmer of hope. Now, he’s so much better! We feel in control of his health and safe knowing Dr. Sue is there to support us throughout his healing journey.

– Nicole B.


I felt frustrated and hopeless as I tried to resolve my daughter’s eczema. I appreciate how Dr. Sue focused on the root cause. Within two weeks of following her health plan (which included a gluten-free diet) our daughter’s eczema resolved. Life feels easier now that we know the cause.

– Jun M.


Helping our daughter with eczema was scary before we found Dr. Sue. I’m so grateful my google search found her! I felt such relief having an experienced guide willing to go the extra mile to heal our daughter naturally. After following Dr. Sue’s health plan our daughter’s eczema resolved and she stopped itching constantly. Now she’s really thriving! I haven’t met many people with Dr. Sue’s calmness and experience and I’m in the wellness field so that says a lot!

– Amanda Holbert

Food Allergies

I suspected my son’s skin issues were from food allergies. Dr. Sue ran specific testing and we followed her easy to implement health plan. It was like a lightbulb went off in my child! His skin began to clear, his stools normalized and he became a happy kiddo. We’re so grateful!

– Karrie Rea


Seeing my son react to unknown food allergies was scary. I felt helpless, weary, and overwhelmed. Dr. Sue encouraged me as a nursing mother to eliminate certain foods and her health plan gave our son the support his body needed. We were able to find the problem and the solution at the same time. What a relief! Now I have a happy baby who sleeps through the night!

– Rebekah Huntsman

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Helping our son with heavy metal toxicity was frustrating. He was having so much trouble walking, and at times very impulsive and aggressive. After seeing 6 different specialists, having brain and spine MRI’s, as well as bloodwork, no one could find the answers. I was grateful enough to have figured out it was linked to heavy metals, but couldn’t find the source. Dr. Sue took the time to really listen to me without judgement. She helped me find the source and treat it, and our son hasn’t had that leg pain since! Today, he is a calm, focused young man who sticks to his diet without issue because he knows how it affects him. I am so grateful!

– Leena Hosler

Recurrent Colds

Helping my children with recurrent colds was hard. Dr. Sue’s health plan pointed me in the right direction and helped my kids get healthier and stronger. Now they fight off colds within a day or two and nothing ever comes of it. Life is so much easier now that we don’t have to deal with illness after illness all the time.

– Carolyn Herrmann

Sensory Issues

It felt exhausting trying to help my son with behavior and sensory issues. What’s different about Dr. Sue’s health plan is that it worked! After 5 days of following her plan, family members were noticing a positive difference with our son! Now he’s growing and learning well. He’s no longer overwhelmed by the world and life feels so much easier.

– Jillian B.

Skin Rashes

It felt hopeful and positive working with Dr. Sue to resolve my son’s skin rashes and nasal congestion. I appreciate the variety of testing she offers and hour-long appointments to get my questions answered. Within six weeks of following her health plan my son’s rashes and congestion resolved. I’m so grateful for that.

– Christina F.

Trying to resolve our daughter’s skin rash felt overwhelming. We appreciate Dr. Sue’s down to earth attitude about the realities of parenting and her willingness to work with us on reasonable diet changes and supplement support. Following Dr. Sue’s health plan, our daughter’s rash cleared. We’re so grateful for this path that’ll hopefully lead to lifelong health for our entire family.

– Lindsey Harper

Sleep Problems

It was frustrating seeing our daughter struggle with stomach pain and sleep. I appreciate how Dr. Sue guided and supported us with a step-by-step plan. I realized it was working when our daughter was sleeping through the night and not complaining about her stomach hurting every morning! Our life is more peaceful now.

– Jamie Brown

Speech Delay

We didn’t even know where to start for our son struggling with sleep, speech delay and digestive issues. We suspected food sensitivities, but traditional doctors ignored our concerns. Dr. Sue was very attentive and compassionate. She took time to listen to all our concerns and observations and then ordered appropriate tests to track the cause of our son’s issues. Shortly after implementing Dr. Sue’s health plan our son’s behavior, mood, sleep, and speech improved dramatically! Now he’s just a completely different, much happier child. We’re forever grateful!

– Anna Bishop

Thyroid Disease

I felt like no one was listening as I watched our daughter’s health decline with extreme exhaustion from thyroid disease. With Dr. Sue, my daughter felt she was being heard and that someone finally believed her symptoms. I appreciate Dr. Sue’s compassion yet direct conversations. We realized her health plan was working when my daughter’s energy improved and her thinking became clear again. If she gets off her gluten-free diet, she recognizes her irritability and puts herself back on the correct path. That’s exciting!

– Julie Walters


I felt lost and confused trying to help my son with hypothyroidism. I was constantly researching, trying to find answers because no one was helping my child. Dr. Sue listened and validated my concerns. I felt such sense a relief being in Dr. Sue’s hands. She (along with a few others) have changed the trajectory of my son’s and family’s life.

– Suzy S.

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