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When creating your child’s health plan, we strive to honor your goal and budget. After the initial and first follow-up appointment, most children are seen twice a year until symptoms resolve. Dr. Sue does not participate with any insurance providers. You will be given a detailed receipt at every appointment to submit to your insurance should they allow it. If applicable, you can use your health savings account to pay for appointments, diagnostic testing, and nutritional supplements.



Initial Appointment – $225


Follow Up Appointment – $175


Health Bundle of Four (4) Follow Up Appointments – $500 (Saves $200)

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing reveals your child’s core problem and creates the roadmap for your child’s health plan. Not every child needs every test, but most need tests 1, 2, and 3 to create a solid clear plan. The bulk of testing expense is at the initial appointment. Once your child’s health plan is established, benchmark testing (tests 1, 3) every 6 months helps ensure your child’s health plan is effective. Standard lab testing (test 1) is billed directly to your insurance. Specialty diagnostic testing (tests 2, 3, 4) is paid directly to the laboratory.


Standard Blood Testing – Check with your insurance provider for coverage.


Food Intolerance Blood Testing – $115 Cash Pay


Nutrition, Digestion and Detoxification Urine Testing – $150 to $360 with Insurance or $329 Cash Pay


Genetic Saliva Testing – $169 Cash Pay

Dr. Sue’s comprehensive approach pieced together the pieces of the puzzle for me that I couldn’t between our pediatrician and lots of reading! The testing she did made sense and the results helped me better understand my son’s health needs.

– Carly Elia

Nutritional Supplements


Varies based on child’s test results


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