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Sleep Problems

Sleep problems in children are common and can impair school performance and behavior. Children can have problems falling asleep, staying asleep, or feeling sleepy during the day. Sleep problems also include struggling with snoring or breathing (obstructive sleep apnea) and movement during sleep (sleepwalking and night terrors).

Evaluation with overnight polysomnography (sleep study) can be helpful to confirm specific sleep disorders. 

Conventional treatment of sleep problems usually includes implementing healthy sleep regimens and behavioral interventions. Medication is not a first-line treatment for insomnia in children.

“It was unsettling not knowing how to help our daughter with sleeping difficulties. Dr. Sue helped us peel back the onion layers of our daughter’s health and rebuild a healthy foundation. Since following Dr. Sue’s health plan, we’ve seen huge results and knew the plan was working when our daughter started sleeping through the night regularly for the first time. Our entire family started feeling better from the rest, and we all feel more at peace. We’re no longer afraid and feel empowered to have Dr. Sue as a partner.” – Anna Corsi


“It was frustrating seeing our daughter struggle with stomach pain and sleep. I appreciate how Dr. Sue guided and supported us with a step-by-step plan. I realized it was working when our daughter was sleeping through the night and not complaining about her stomach hurting every morning! Our life is more peaceful now.” – Jamie Brown

To help your child struggling with sleep problems achieve health naturally,


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