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Persistent Skin Rashes

Skin rashes in children can have many causes. When accompanied by a fever, the rash is usually from infection: for example, viruses, scarlet fever, fifth’s disease, and chickenpox.


Common causes of non-infectious skin rashes in children include contact dermatitis, eczema, and seborrhea. Sometimes the reason for the skin outbreak is never determined, and the rash can resolve on its own.


Conventional treatment for skin rashes depends on the cause.

“I felt hopeful and positive working with Dr. Sue to resolve my son’s skin rashes and nasal congestion. I appreciate the variety of testing she offers and hour-long appointments to get my questions answered. Within six weeks of following her health plan my son’s rashes and congestion resolved. I’m so grateful for that.” – Christina F.

“Trying to resolve our daughter’s skin rash felt overwhelming. We appreciate Dr. Sue’s down to earth attitude about the realities of parenting and her willingness to work with us on reasonable diet changes and supplement support. Following Dr. Sue’s health plan, our daughter’s rash cleared. We’re so grateful for this path that’ll hopefully lead to lifelong health for our entire family.” – Lindsey Harper

“Dermatologists couldn’t tell me what was causing my son’s rash. I also watched him struggle with behavior, attention, and recurrent stomach aches. I felt hopeless and confused. My husband and I wondered if all these issues were connected. Dr. Sue solved our puzzle. She not only gave us answers to our unanswered questions, but her health plan gave us results! Our son’s rash slowly disappeared. His behavior and attention improved and his stomach aches lessened. Now I see the happy boy my son once was. He’s back and I’m forever grateful.” – Suzanne Davis

To help your child living with persistent skin rashes achieve health naturally,


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