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A child with eczema has inflammation of the skin that’s usually red and itchy. As the child becomes older, the skin can become dark and thick and form scars from too much scratching.

  • Infants (front of arms and legs, cheeks, scalp)
  • Children & Adults (sides of neck, elbow and knee creases)
  • Adults (wrists, hands, forearms, and face)

Conventional treatment for eczema usually includes moisturizing creams or ointments, steroid creams and ointments, and medication to control itching.

“Trying to resolve our child’s eczema felt overwhelming like I was missing something and needed to dig deeper. When I went to our pediatrician’s office, I was disappointed they told me to use over-the-counter topical steroids. The allergist said it wasn’t eczema from food; it was dermatitis from clothing. I was totally confused as a mother. It’s so hard, but you have to put your trust in someone. Dr. Sue answered all my lingering questions. After following the health plan for a few months, her eczema started to clear. Now there’s no sign of eczema or any eczema flare-ups in the past seven months. I love Dr. Sue’s simple drug-free approach and sleep better at night knowing I have done everything in my power to set our child up for lifelong vitality and health!”– Nikki Polce


“We felt trapped, scared, and frustrated, trying to help our son with eczema. Dr. Sue listened and understood our concern and worry. His eczema wasn’t just a rash, it was his body screaming for help. I realized Dr. Sue’s health plan was working when I changed our son’s diet and started the supplements. Within days his skin started to clear up. It was the first time I felt a glimmer of hope. Now, he’s so much better! We feel in control of his health and safe knowing Dr. Sue is there to support us throughout his healing journey.” – Nicole B.


“I felt frustrated and hopeless, as I tried to resolve my daughter’s eczema. I appreciate how Dr. Sue focused on the root cause. Within two weeks of following her health plan (which included a gluten-free diet), our daughter’s eczema resolved. Life feels easier now that we know the cause.” – Jun M.


“Helping our daughter with eczema was scary before we found Dr. Sue. I’m so grateful my google search found her! I felt such relief having an experienced guide willing to go the extra mile to heal our daughter naturally. After following Dr. Sue’s health plan, our daughter’s eczema resolved, and she stopped itching constantly. Now she’s really thriving! I haven’t met many people with Dr. Sue’s calmness and experience, and I’m in the wellness field, so that says a lot!” – Amanda Holbert

To help your child struggling with eczema achieve health naturally,


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