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Developmental Delays & Learning Disabilities

There is a wide range of normal for childhood development. A child with a developmental delay shows a significant lag in one or more areas: speech or language, movement, thinking, or social and emotional skills.

Speech or language problems are the most common type of developmental delay. Treatment for a child with speech or language delay is speech therapy with a speech-language pathologist who assesses the child’s receptive and expressive language and implements a speech therapy plan.

Movement developmental delays can include gross motor skills (crawling, walking) or fine motor skills (grasping a spoon or pencil.) Physical and occupational therapists help children with motor delays.

A child with social or emotional developmental delays can struggle with interacting with other children or adults. Treatment includes behavioral therapy and sometimes medication for problematic behaviors.

A child with learning disabilities (LD) may be just as smart or smarter than other children their age. Brain differences make it harder for a child with LD to learn to read, write, or do math. 

Special education teachers use different methods for children with learning disabilities. For example, using pictures along with written or spoken words, providing strategies to memorize and organize information, or extra time for tests.

“We didn’t even know where to start for our son struggling with speech delay, sleep, and digestive issues. We suspected food sensitivities, but traditional doctors ignored our concerns. Dr. Sue was very attentive and compassionate. She took the time to listen to all our concerns and observations and then ordered appropriate tests to track the cause of our son’s issues. Shortly after implementing Dr. Sue’s health plan our son’s behavior, mood, sleep, and speech improved dramatically! Now he’s just a completely different, much happier child. We’re forever grateful!” – Anna Bishop

To help your child living with developmental delays or learning disabilities achieve health naturally,


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