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Behavior Problems

Behavior problems may arise when a child struggles to gain the developmental skills needed to regulate their behavior — for example, refusing to put on their shoes or throwing tantrums. 

Behavior problems are different from behavior disorders such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and Conduct Disorder (CD). These behavior disorders are characterized by persistent patterns of disruptive behavior that impair the child’s ability to function at home and school. A child with ODD can be angry or irritable and tend to argue, defy, or be vindictive. Conduct disorder is more severe because the child’s aggression can lead to cruel, destructive behavior, including physical violence and criminal activity. 

Conventional treatment for behavior disorders usually involves cognitive-behavioral treatment with or without medication. For behavior problems, behavior therapy can help the child and parent consistently navigate problem behaviors.

“Seeing our son struggle with his behavior was hard. With Dr. Sue’s personalized approach, I felt supported and realized our problem would resolve over time. I realized her health plan was working when he was able to complete tasks, like getting dressed or brushing his teeth, without melting down and feeling so out of sorts. Now he feels comfortable in his body, and that makes me so happy!” – Jacquelyn Keller-Piccolo


“It felt exhausting trying to help my son with behavior issues. What’s different about Dr. Sue’s health plan is that it worked! After 5 days of following her plan, family members were noticing a positive difference with our son! Now he’s growing and learning well. He’s no longer overwhelmed by the world, and life feels so much easier.” – Jillian B.

To help your child living with behavior problems achieve health naturally,


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