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Anxiety & Depression

Worries are a natural part of childhood development. Anxiety is when the concerns are persistent, excessive, and impairing the child’s day-to-day life.

A child with anxiety may have a host of worries or worry in some settings and situations and not others (social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, separation anxiety disorder, and selective mutism.)

Depression is different than ordinary sadness. A depressed child feels sad, down, hopeless, or cranky most of the day, almost every day, or they no longer enjoy or care about doing the things they used to like to do.

Conventional treatment of anxiety and depression usually involves medication or psychotherapy.

“I felt frustrated, helpless, and fearful of trying to help my son’s anxiety. He was so anxious that he wouldn’t do anything outside of what he had to do and was missing school. Dr. Sue never made me feel like I was doing something wrong and was confident we could help him. We followed her health plan, and he started “living” again. My son auditioned for the school musical, went out for lacrosse, and got active in Cub Scouts. He’s back to being confident, enthusiastic, and happy. Every morning he jumps on the school bus happy and ready. I’m grateful the tears and fear are a distant memory. What a relief to feel in control and have our happy child back!”
– Tina Fedewa

To help your child living with anxiety or depression achieve health naturally,


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