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A child with psoriasis has itchy red patches of thickened skin covered with silver or white flakes. In a child with a darker skin tone, the psoriasis spots can look purple, brown, or gray.

The symptoms of psoriasis can include:

  • Red, or dark, patches covered with silvery or white flakes
  • Patches on scalp, genitals, or in skin folds (armpit, groin, or under the breasts)
  • Fingernail or toenail changes (pitted, crumbly, or different in color)

Conventional treatment for psoriasis usually includes creams and ointments, medications, or phototherapy.

“We spent years seeking help for our daughter’s psoriasis with no positive results. Though testing, Dr. Sue revealed our daughter was deficient in certain nutrients and had gluten and dairy intolerances. After following Dr. Sue’s health plan for one month, our daughter’s psoriasis started clearing and now her skin is 100% clear! She is a very HAPPY young lady again and this makes Mom and Dad super happy!” – Carrie Michaels


To help your child living with psoriasis achieve health naturally,


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