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Sensory Processing Issues

A child with sensory processing issues has difficulty receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. Some children are oversensitive to their environment, while others are under-responsive.

Symptoms involve one or more senses, persist, and disrupt daily life. For example:

  • Screaming when touched
  • High or low pain threshold
  • Bumping into people and things
  • Retreating from loud noises
  • Avoiding foods with certain textures
  • Frequent tantrums and meltdowns

Occupational therapists specializing in sensory integration therapy help children with sensory issues learn ways to self-regulate and be calmer throughout the day.

“It felt exhausting trying to help my son with sensory issues. What’s different about Dr. Sue’s health plan is that it worked! After five days of following her plan, family members were noticing a positive difference with our son! Now he’s growing and learning well. He’s no longer overwhelmed by the world, and life feels so much easier.” – Jillian B.

To help your child struggling with sensory processing issues achieve health naturally,


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