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A seizure is a sudden wave of excessive and abnormal brain cell activity lasting a few seconds or minutes. Seizures can make a child pass out, move, feel, or behave unusually. 

Children with “tonic-clonic” seizures usually get stiff and then have jerking movements. A child with “absence” seizures can suddenly stop responding and stare for a few seconds. 

When a child’s seizure activity is restricted to a part of the brain, symptoms reflect the function of that area of the brain. For example, a child can have a brief disturbance in vision, uncontrollable twitching of one or more body parts, or a sudden change in emotions.

Conventional treatment for children with repeat seizures (epilepsy) usually includes anti-seizure medications.

“Dr. Sue’s comprehensive approach pieced together the pieces of the puzzle for me that I couldn’t between our pediatrician and lots of reading! The testing she did made sense and the results helped me better understand my son’s health needs.” – Carly Elia

To help your child living with seizures achieve health naturally,


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