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Methylation Genetics

Methylation is the process of adding methyl molecules to enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters as well as to DNA. Methylation happens in every cell of the body so it can affect every bodily system. 

Think of methyl groups like cash. Your bank account needs positive cash flow, and your body needs positive methyl flow. Low methyl groups can impair the brain, digestive, hormonal, immune, and skin health.

Brain Health

Digestive Health

Hormonal Health

Immune Health

Skin Health

“Dr. Sue’s comprehensive approach pieced together the pieces of the puzzle for me that I couldn’t between our pediatrician and lots of reading! The testing she did made sense and the results helped me better understand my son’s health needs.” – Carly Elia

To help your child living with methylation genetics achieve health naturally,


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