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Help Your Child Have the Best Blood Draw Possible

It can be tough getting children on board with blood draws and hard to fit into an already full family schedule. Yet blood lab results guide the next best step for health for your child and therefore are essential to the healing process.

A well trained, child-friendly phlebotomist is key to helping your child have the best blood draw experience possible.


Choose the Right Lab

Unfortunately, labs do make errors. We’ve worked with many labs over the years and find St. Joe’s makes the least amount of errors. From our experience, they’re also the best at working to recover from errors made. Click here for St. Joe’s Laboratory Locations in Southeast Michigan. Once you choose your location, call ahead and ask what days/times the trained, child-friendly phlebotomist works and schedule your child’s blood draw accordingly.


Have the Lab Come to You

If you’d like to have a consistent, well trained, child-friendly phlebotomist for every blood draw consider Pinnacle Mobile Phlebotomy. This concierge service offers in-home blood draws. Collecting blood in a familiar environment creates a level of comfort for your child, which can translate into a smoother blood draw experience. Please contact Pinnacle re: pricing. When you book your appointment request Tiffany as your preferred phlebotomist in the notes section.


3 Keys for Healthy Kids

In this 3-part video series, learn Dr. Sue’s simple system to achieve health naturally for your child.

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