Your child deserves health and I’m here to help.


I’m familiar with pain, loss, not getting what you want for your child, wanting to take the easy way out, and knowing in your heart there’s a better way. Let me show you the roadmap and give you the tool kit to simplify your child’s nutrition and supplementation for health.

The work that you do to change the course of kids’ lives is awe inspiring. Thank you!

–  Sarah Schabel

Health is Balance


I explain health and dis-ease (balance and imbalance) with a teeter-totter. When you’re happy and healthy you’re balanced over the pivot of the teeter totter. Despite what life stressors plop on either end of your teeter-totter, you’re able to adapt and remain balanced.

But life inevitably plops something on your teeter-totter that throws you off balance, as if someone sat on one end of your teeter-totter. When you’re not able to rebalance (adapt to your life stressors), you’re in dis-ease and your body lets you know with symptoms.

Is My Child Stuck in Dis-ease?


Does your child have symptoms that just won’t go away? Maybe it’s wheezing, rashes, headaches? Ear, sinus or throat infections? What about seasonal allergies, asthma, eczema, ADD or ADHD, IBS, IBD, or some other acronym? Or maybe it’s excess weight, mood and sleep problems, or constipation and bloating? If it’s not one of the above, fill in the blank with the recurring symptoms that describe your child’s dis-ease.


Why is My Child Stuck in Dis-ease?


95% of the time dis-ease results from a combination of both genetic and environmental stressors. In the past, it was thought that genes – the physical blueprint one inherits from their parents – were out of one’s control. The study of epigenetics has uncovered that you can control how your genes express by optimizing your environment.

This means that how you think (mindset), what you feel (emotions), and the actions you take (diet and lifestyle) all have an effect on how your genes express.


How Do I Rebalance My Child Back to Health?

Getting your genes to behave how you want sounds complicated, but it’s not when you know what you’re doing. Going it alone would be like trying to climb Mt. Everest in flip-flops without a guide. Investing in the help you need is essential. Think of my support as a trusted guide hopping on your child’s teeter-totter to help get him back on track, out of dis-ease, and symptom-free. It’s a simple process that optimizes your child’s nutrition and supplementation, and I’ll guide you every step of the way.

Will This Work for My Child?


I’m a board-certified pediatrician, mom of three, with 15 years of experience healing children naturally. I understand the obstacles of being a busy mom.

What I’ve discerned from serving thousands of families is that commitment matters more than anything else. Parents who make small consistent steps to overcome stressors with diet and lifestyle changes rebalance and heal their children. Persistence pays. Great things come with time and effort. Small steps, even tiny ones, move your child forward.

Healing is an Investment

When considering if I’m the best practitioner for your child, cost is part of the picture. I do my best to streamline office visits and simplify treatment protocols to keep the healing process moving forward without financially burdening your family. If the healing plan I design for your child exceeds your budget, please let me know your bottom line. Less can be more.

PLEASE NOTE: You can use your health savings account to pay and submit your receipt to your insurance provider. If applicable, your insurance provider will apply office visit charges towards your out-of-network deductible. I don’t participate with any insurance providers.

  • Initial Appointment – $225
  • Follow Up Appointment – $175
  • Health Bundle of Four (4) Follow Up Appointments – $500

How Fast Can My Child Heal?

Every child is different. Usually within 6 weeks of systemizing nutrition and supplementation symptoms improve. Healing takes time; progress and obstacles are part of the journey. If your child has active symptoms, follow-up every 6 weeks is ideal. When your child’s symptoms resolve, I recommend follow-up every 3 to 6 months until your child’s labs normalize.

Can You Be My Child’s Primary Pediatrician?

Your child must have a primary care physician for primary care needs. I don’t offer urgent/emergent sick care, 24-hour phone coverage or well child visits (including health appraisal forms and vaccinations).

We Live Far Away, Can You Still Help My Child?

I am licensed in the state of Michigan to practice medicine and see long-distance patients (living in Michigan) in the office at least every 6 months, with phone consultations as needed between in-office appointments. If you live outside the state of Michigan, I need to see your child in-office for every appointment.

Thank You for Helping Your Child heal

Your child deserves health and I’m here to help, but I can’t do it without you! We’re a team! Thank you for being willing to heal your child naturally. I can’t wait to show you the roadmap and give you the tool kit to simplify your child’s nutrition and supplementation for health.

New Patient Packet


Please download this .pdf packet BEFORE your first appointment and bring the COMPLETED forms to your first appointment. Your appointment is 1 hour long and the paperwork takes about 25 minutes to complete, so please have your paperwork completed. The office can be tricky to find your first time, so be sure to READ DIRECTIONS carefully.


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